Lab News

Lab member photo! 5.25.22

Trainee lunch out! 10.5.23

Lab at PHAGES  8.4.23

Lab goes rock climbing! 6.29.23

PhD student, Vivian Ramirez, officially joins the lab from Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics!


We've started weekly lab runs on Thursdays! Join us at 4PM in the office suite. 3.1.23

Freezer purge! 2.15.23

Eric's goodbye party at Blue Nile! Eric is a valuable member of our group and will be missed, but is moving onto a successful postdoc at Venderbilt! 


Dr. Wei Zheng's CASP15 prediction sets (UM-TBM and Zheng) won several categories in the CASP15 competition (see below for more info)! 12.10.22

Dr. Eric Bell defends his thesis, "Computational tools for protein interaction prediction and analysis." 11.1.22

Andres and Willow both receive Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant!


We attended PHAGES conference in Madison, WI! 8.5.22

Andres and Willow both achieve candidacy! 7.31.22

Dr. Christine Ziegler successfully defends her PhD thesis! She will start her postdoctoral associate position at MIT in the lab of Dr. Sallie (Penny) Chisholm this fall! 6.29.22

Sonya Royzenblat receives competitive Cell and Molecular Biology NIH T32 Training Grant! 6.28.22

Catherine and Jake win 1st place in the first annual DCMB DEI Data Challenge! 3.11.22

PhD students Andres Herrera Tequia and Willow Morgan join the lab from Biological Chemistry! Welcome! 4.20.22

Sonya Royzenblat receives Honorable Mention for NSF GRFP! 4.2.22

Freddolino Lab beat Zombie Roadhouse escape room! 2.17.22

12/10/22 - Dr. Wei Zheng's CASP15 prediction sets (UM-TBM and Zheng) won several categories in the CASP15 competition, including multimer predictions, inter-domain interactions, and server-based single-chain predictions (as well as second place for single-chain predictions when including human groups) according to the CASP assessors' criteria

8/28/22 - Our R01, "Structure-based functional annotation of microbial genomes," was renewed by NIAID in collaboration with Karla Satchell at Northwestern and Scott Hultgren at WUSTL!

8/26/22 - Scott and Chase's paper on genome profiling accepted to Nucleic Acids Research!

Genetic context effects can override canonical cis regulatory elements in Escherichia coli

5/4/22 - Ali's paper coauthored with Ragunathan and Biteen's lab accepted to Science Advances!

HP1 oligomerization compensates for low-affinity H3K9me recognition and provides a tunable mechanism for heterochromatin-specific localization

4/12/22 - Eric and Jake's PEPPI paper accepted in Journal of Molecular Biology!

PEPPI: Whole-proteome Protein-protein Interaction Prediction through Structure and Sequence Similarity, Functional Association, and Machine Learning

3/31/22 - Wei's LOMETS3 paper accepted in Nucleic Acids Research! 

LOMETS3: integrating deep learning and profile alignment for advanced protein template recognition and function annotation. 

2/6/22 - COVID paper with Feng Zhang and Eugene V. Koonin accepted!

Epistasis at the SARS-CoV-2 RBD Interface and the Propitiously Boring Implications for Vaccine Escape

12/17/21 - Xi's paper accepted to Nature Methods!

CR-I-TASSER: assemble protein structures from cryo-EM density maps using deep convolutional neural networks