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Grace Kroner


Clinical Chemistry Fellow, University of Utah/ ARUP Laboratories (2018 - present)


Ph.D., Biological Chemistry, University of Michigan, 2018
B.A. summa cum laude, in Biology and Classics, Washington University in St. Louis, 2014

Research Interests
I am studying the E. coli global transcription regulator, Lrp, which effects approximately 10% of E. coli genes.  The regulator is involved in the    transition between starving and rich conditions and is specifically co-regulated by leucine as well as several other amino acids.  Lrp is known to form higher order structures with varying effects on regulation and amino acid binding.  In my research, I plan to study the mechanism of Lrp regulation in order to better understand the interconnecting roles of amino acid binding and oligomerization.

Recent Publications
  •  Kroner, G. M.*, Wolfe, M. B.* and Freddolino, P. L. Escherichia coli Lrp regulates one- third of the genome via direct, cooperative, and indirect routes. Journal of Bacteriology (2019). doi:10.1128/JB.00411-18 
  • Fick, Robert J., Kroner, Grace M., Nepal, Binod, Magnani, Roberta, Horowitz, Scott, Houtz, Robert L., Scheiner, Steve and Trievel, Raymond C. “Sulfur – Oxygen Chalcogen Bonding Mediates AdoMet Recognition in the Lysine Methyltransferase SET7/9.” ACS Chemical Biology. 2015. 
  • Oh, Inez, Albea, Danielle, Goodwin, Zane, Quiggle, Ashley, Baker, Breeana, Guggisberg, Ann, Geahlen, Jessica, Kroner, Grace, and de Guzman Strong, Cristina. “Regulation of the dynamic chromatin architecture of the Epidermal Differentiation Complex is mediated by a c-Jun/AP-1-modulated enhancer during skin development.” J Invest. Dematol. 2014 134(9):2371-80. 
*indicates co-first authorship 

Professional History

    May - August 2016
        Graduate Student Summer Intern, Lycera, Ann Arbor, MI

    2014 to 2018
        Graduate Research Assistant, Freddolino Lab, Department of Biological Chemistry, University of Michigan

    2011 to 2014 
        Undergraduate Research Assistant, Strong Lab, Department of Internal Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis
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PIBS Excellence in Teaching Award (June 2016)

Biological Chemistry Anthony and Lillian Lu Award (May 2016)

Sigma Xi Grant-in-Aid of Research (January 2016)

Cellular Biotechnology Training Program (Sept. 2015—present)

Rackham Pre-Candidate Graduate Student Research Grant (June 2015)

Washington University Florence Moog Scholarship (2012-2014)

National Merit Finalist Scholarship (2010-2014) 

Rackham Travel Grant (August 2016)

ASBMB Travel Grant (April 2017)

Rackham Graduate Student Research Grant Candidate (April 2017)